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About Hetty's Tea Party

Henrietta Kitt started Hetty’s Tea Party in 2011 out of a desire to share her love of all things tea and cake with others and revive the Great British art of the afternoon tea. Hetty’s tried and tested recipes were developed through attending markets throughout Gloucestershire and listening to feedback direct from the customers until she felt like she perfected a menu that gave the people what they wanted!


Coming from a family of producers; Hetty's Grandparents taught her the importance of supporting local and responsible farms, believing this is a great way to get some of the best and freshest ingredients around! Local butter, flour, free range eggs, seasonal fruit and veg take pride of place in Hetty's recipes.


As for tea's, Hetty became frustrated with not being able to find the right tea to pair with her baking that shared the same values placed on quality and providence as her cakes. She wanted to be able to use gorgeous, whole leaf tea’s and just as Hetty is able to tell you the farm where the ingredients in her cakes come from, she felt it was equally important for people to know what tea they were drinking and which estate it came from. And so in 2014, Hetty decided to start her own collection of loose leaf tea’s that she would hand select to ensure their taste and quality to complete the afternoon tea experience. Hetty sources all her tea’s from estates that share her passion for organic and responsible farming.



Where is all began...

For as long as Hetty can remember she has always baked. It was something she used to do with her mum and brother and sister. There were times when her Aunty would come over with a tin of Bundt cake and then show Hetty and her cousins how she made it. Baking is just something that it seemed all of the women in Hetty’s family knew how to do! Each of Hetty’s Aunties would be expected to bring a cake or dessert to every family gathering, which is why there ended up being at least 6 desserts to choose from at every occasion (Hetty has 6 Aunties on her mother’s side alone!)


It wasn’t until Hetty went to study Art at University that she realised not everyone baked. She was the only person she knew that brought weighing scales and cake tins with her from home! Her new university friends started to request cakes that reminded them of home and she started to understand how rewarding cooking and baking for other people can be. To be able to bake for her new friends and give them comfort when they were home sick felt really special. Cake made and given with love is never ‘just cake'.